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 The Publishing and printing creative house named after Gafur Gulam

II. Books, included in competitions

         To date, our publishers have received a number of prestigious international and national competitions. The book of Alisher Navoi "Hamsa" in 2006 The first international diploma at the III International Contest "The Art of Books" in Moscow "Commonwealth" in Moscow in 2008 "The Book of Uzbek Folk Tales" in Moscow The first degree diploma in the V International Contest "The Art of Books" in Moscow Commonwealth of Independent States, Diploma for Golden Age books in Ashgabat, in 2010 Alexander Fainberg's "Styxi", Books of the Year "in the nomination" Best Book of the Year "in the category" Uzbek Literature ", diploma of the third degree" Uzbekistan - My Motherland "in category "Children and under age In 2011 the collection of complete works by Alisher Navoi (10 volumes) was published in the "Best Book of the Year" of the III Republican Contest "Uzbek Classical Literature", Diploma of the first degree in the nomination "I am a citizen of Uzbekistan", diploma of the 2nd degree in the nomination " Socio-political literature "," Shnoma "Abulkosima Firdavsia in the category" Book ART ", diploma I degree," Selected works "book" The best book of the republican competition "IV" and the world of classical literature 2nd degree in the nomination "Shukhrat" white book " younger th child of "children's and youth literature" level 3 diploma in the nomination, "African World of Animals" (1-2 books) in the category "Children's and teenage literature", diploma of 2 degrees, Miraziz Azam's book "Great Love" and Nizomiddin Mahmudov's book " Golden language of our language "" Socio-political literature "In the category" Encouraging diploma "Shukhrat Mirfayozov" Drawing of animal drawings "nomination" Literature for children and adolescents "In 2013," Devon "Lutfi was awarded a diploma of the 1st degree in the nomination" Uzbek and world literature ra "on V Republican contest" Best Book of the Year ".
     This is one of our words, and the first is a wonderful book. Chustiyning "Muhabbatnoma," said Ahmed Abdullah Aripov "Horizon", "Selected Works" (Volume 7), Zokirjon Mashrabovning "It's good abroad, presented to Muhammad," open "selected" key, Abdukahhor Ibrahimov, "Life does not expect", Usman Azim "silence" the power of death, Oman Mukhtor "Love", A. Navoi "great thinkers" (in English), Salim song "Love" this or that genre, such as books published hundreds of literary and art books "Spirituality - glossary of the main concepts ", including historical, cultural heritage, science, literary social values, socio-political, spiritual and educational spheres of our people, for example, "I am a citizen of Uzbekistan", "Who lives in Uzbekistan" and "The history of independent Uzbekistan"? It serves as a guide for the enrichment of our world.
     Our children did not neglect. Calling them the "good fairy", "English-Russian-English dictionary H.Musurmonovaning" secretly "" Trinity "Sh.Mirfayozovning propionova in English," letters "letters", "World of animals" includes a series of books such as "The World of Water", "Animal World of Australia", "Treasure Island", Robert Lewis Stevenson, "Music", "Fine Arts" for secondary schools, We published tutorials.This book was a worthy gift of our creative home for our children.

"Book Art"

Alisher Navoi's book "Khamsa" was awarded with the First Degree Diploma at the III International Book Fair, "Book Art", which was held in Moscow in 2006 within the framework of the Commonwealth of Independent States.


"Book Art"

      In 2008, in the framework of the Commonwealth of Independent States in Moscow, the book fair "Book Art" at the V International Book Fair was awarded the I-Degree Diploma "The book of Uzbek folk tales".


The Best Book of the Year

       Книга «Манавиат» была отмечена дипломом I степени в номинации «Социально-политическая литература» на II Республиканском конкурсе «Лучшая книга года» в Ташкенте в 2010 году.


Uzbek Literature

        In the nomination of "Uzbek Literature" Alexander Faynberg's book "Stichi" (volume 1-2) was awarded with the III degree diploma.


ART Book

       A. Firdavs's book "The Book" in the category "ART Book" with I degree diploma;


"Book Art"

       In 2007, the book-album "Uzbek national costumes" was awarded with the II degree Diploma at the IV International Book Fair, "Book Art", held within the framework of the Commonwealth of Independent States.


Samples of the "Golden Age" edition

     In 2008, I was awarded the I-Level Diploma of the III International Book Fair "Golden Age Illustrations", which was held in Ashgabat, Turkmenistan.


Uzbekistan is my motherland

      The book "The Motherland of Uzbekistan" was awarded by the III degree Diploma in the nomination "Literature of children and adolescents".


The best book

Alisher Navoi's book "Complete Collection" (10-part) by the First Degree Diploma in the nomination "Uzbek Classical Literature" at the III Republican Competition "Best Book" in Tashkent in 2011;


Public-political literature

The book-album "I am a citizen of Uzbekistan" was awarded with the II degree diploma in the nomination "Socio-political literature".


Additional information about the publisher

The main activity is the creation and publication of high-quality competitive works of art and literature, printing products, meeting the needs of the population in print production, and the production of consumer goods.

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